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INTRODUCTION Introduction in Marathi

Who I am? I am a servant of god. God has given me a golden chance to prove and carry out good karma for the benefit of human kind. After death there is a life diffrent form as per your past karams. It can be in form of animal, birds, trees or even in human form.

In this birth the main important points for the human life is to treat other persons as our friends, relatives or family members and not like our enemies. This love or affection raised invisibly is reached to Lord Sreepada and he reflects same in form of blessings to us and our family.

We are very fortunate that we are living as human beings. Our birth i not a miracle but reflection of old karma according to our past karma rules and regulation and parameters of the last birth. We have to suffer in this birth. If we have done a bad karma by cheating or harrassment to society, people, family. Of we have done any bad thing then we get life of animal, birds and in human form as beggers and hard wroking people. This all sorts of example are writtrn in this Sreepada Sreevallabha Charitramurtum and whatever mentioned is truth. To vovercome various types of burden in life Sreepada Vallabha has shown various ways to control this stars and reduce their powers such by performing puja, havans, worshiping, mantras and parayana.

Please note that this birth of yours is based on your past karma. Now you have to decide what type of birth you would like to have in you next life.


In Hindu religion different devotees carry out and read their religious books as per indication given in their religion.

Sreepad Sreevallabha Charitramurtam mentions that if any devotee want to achieve highest spiritual goal in their life as well as to get rid of various problems and difficulties in their life has to read this book.

Way of worshiping
Bring picture of GOD in your mind sitting eyes closed and removing all thoughts from your mind then pray to Lord Sreepada by uttering his name (Jap). Also you can tell him what all your problems your facing in life and ask solutions for it. Lord will take your service as per his desire if he accepts your prayer. Doing this prayer lord will fulfill your wish.

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